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A Multiplanetary Future

Our mission is to build an interplanetary pathway between earth and space. That future starts now.

One Mission. One Team.

Deimos-One believes that our future lies in the stars, and in order to save our home, Planet Earth, for future generations,  we must go to space and tap into its unlimited energy sources. Like our ancestors who paved the way during the Industrial Revolution with economic abundance, high-speed transportation, new communities and trade – our road to space will open the door to an infinite and unimaginable future where anything is possible. Paving the way starts now.

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Live & Work In Space

We believe in a multiplanetary future where millions of people are living and working in space. Our mission is to develop and launch new, cutting-edge space technology to carry sensitive payloads and soon biologicals like you to space. That future starts now. 

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Reusable Payloads

We are committed to building a future where access to space is affordable, frequent, reliable and secure for everyone – and our next-generation family of American made launch vehicles will power us into this reality. Reusability is the starting point.  

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Futuristic Technology

We are focused on developing technology that can support a better future and improve the human experience. Our state-of-the-art AI and reusable launch vehicles are designed to improve life on Earth and promote a cleaner, safer, sustainable World.  





The Heaven spacecraft is capable of carrying up to 8 passengers to and from Earth orbit, and beyond. Its primary mission is to send humans and cargo into outer space, while maintaining the operational capability of returning cargo and humans back to Earth.


Our reusable launch vehicle was designed to take sensitive payloads and soon biologicals like you – into space.


With Project Vulcan, Deimos-One will launch reusable rockets carrying micro-payloads from altitudes of 100,000 feet. The system will require zero fixed ground infrastructure and provide rapid launch frequency for sounding rockets, LEO satellites, and military instillations at a low cost to any low earth orbit.


Our reusable launch vehicle was designed to carry micro-payloads into space for distributed spacecraft missions – and even human spaceflight.


Deimos-One is launching new, cutting-edge vehicles into space, powering our ability to fly reusable payloads and humans into space using American made vehicles. Eventually, our reusable suborbital rocket system will take astronauts and research payloads past the Kármán line into Earth orbit and beyond, offering every human on our planet the experience of a lifetime. To start planning your mission, please contact us at [email protected]

Safe Comfortable Efficient American

For inquiries about our space program, contact [email protected]