How To Ensure a Consistent, Healthy Environment

Smarter buildings of the future demand smarter ways to clean, and collaborative robots (cobots) are designed to tackle complex tasks, allowing for cleaner, healthier environments and increased work efficiency. Here are our three steps for virus free buildings, classrooms, and shared spaces: 


Identify sick students and staff before they enter any building. Our robots are designed to check for fever and mask wearing at building entrances, then alert staff if a deviation from standards was found, while offering a friendly experience to the individual in question.


Demonstrate positive hygiene practices. Our robots are designed to routinely repeat and demonstrate best practices to stop the spread of harmful germs and viruses. They work tirelessly to demonstrate positive hygiene in a friendly and interactive way, all day long.


Our robots are designed to work tirelessly throughout the day to clean and disinfect classrooms, common spaces, and even high-traffic areas like door handles and lockers. This allows you to save on manpower, and ensure high quality cleaning throughout the facility.

Meet Your New Virus Fighting Defense Team

Whether they’re cleaning the floors of your office or pitching your latest marketing campaign, our robots empower you and your team to do more.

UV- Alpha 8.1

UV-Alpha is an intelligent, autonomous disinfection robot that cleans surfaces and purifies the air using inbuilt ultraviolet (UV) lights and HEPA filtration. And with a germ killing efficacy of 99%, it’s the first disinfection system of its kind that can automatically clean and sanitize an entire room in as little as 10 minutes.

Phoebe One

Phoebe-One is a sales associate, customer service rep, and education tool, all-in-one. Friendly and engaging, Phoebe is designed to connect with people and get them the info they need – answering questions, providing product and promotional information, even helping students build their STEM skills. And now, Phoebe is even better, with a new capacity to learn, grow, evolve, and adopt new features to keep up with your needs – and with your audience.

Dusty Bot 3.1

Dusty is an intelligent, autonomous vacuum sweeper that automates routine cleaning processes — delivering higher cleaning quality, proof of performance, and increased service efficiency and productivity.

Evie One

Evie-One is a perfect combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), telepresence, and machine learning problem-solving. As the first Intelligent Service Robot of its kind, Evie-One integrates various interaction modules for real, human-like interactions. And with intelligent navigation and mapping, Evie-One is able to move autonomously, in real-time.

UV- Goliath 2.4

UV-Goliath is an intelligent, autonomous disinfection robot that kills every known germ in existence using ultraviolet light at 222- or 254-nanometer UV light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Using the same disinfection technology as top labs and hospitals, Goliath can enter even the most dangerous environments and disinfect large areas in just minutes, eliminating the chance of needlessly putting human lives at risk. 

Thermal One

Thermal-One is an autonomous screening station for recognizing the initial symptoms of COVID-19. This solution provides contactless body temperature measurement in public areas. The measurement process takes 5 seconds, with 0.2 degrees accuracy.

Measurable Cobotics

Smarter buildings of the future demand smarter ways to clean. Collaborative robots (cobots) are designed to tackle complex tasks, allowing for cleaner, healthier environments and increased work efficiency. 


The robots can be placed at school or building entrances to get alerts when an individual with fever is detected before they walk inside. They can also be placed in hallways or meeting rooms. It will monitor and protect the community every day, all day long.


The robot can be placed by the restrooms, conference rooms or dinning rooms; or bring it into classes regularly to educate students and remind them of best practices. With lesson plans, quizzes and an online learning platform it is a truly educational tool.


The robots begin work once everyone goes home for the day. Pre-programmed with tasks and locations, each one can be monitored remotely. They can navigate classrooms and hallways for up to 10 hours, disinfecting and ensuring the building will be sterilized each day.

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