Deimos-One to launch autonomous aerostat, Vulcan. 

Las Vegas, Nevada, 6th December 2020

EXCLUSIVE: On December 28, 2020, the Deimos-One team plans to begin Phase 1 testing on Project Vulcan, which is a new autonomous aerostat system the company is developing to launch reusable rocket systems into space carrying micro-payloads from altitudes of 100,000 feet.

A two-stage craft which consists of a stratospheric balloon and a rocket, Vulcan is one of the company’s proposed technologies they hope will drastically reduce the costs of launching payloads and people into space.

The Vulcan craft consists of a first-stage balloon that carries a launch vehicle to a designated altitude of roughly 30 km (19 mi), once there it aligns itself and then engages the rocket engine to fire. It then exits the atmosphere at a planned trajectory and inserts the payload into orbit.

The autonomous system will feature multiple thrusters to maintain stability and orientation, as well as a proprietary rail system for a multi-stage rocket.

The rocket will be capable of launching 77 lbs. (35 kilograms) of payload to an altitude of 340 miles (550 kilometers) sun-synchronous orbit, or 132 lbs. (60 kg) to a circular orbit of 186 miles (300 km) up.

The company also plans to conduct suborbital missions using Vulcan and a heavy systems rocket, which will be able to get a 330 lbs. (150 kg) payload to an altitude of 250 miles (400 km).

The system will require no fixed ground infrastructure and will provide rapid launch frequency for sounding rockets, LEO satellites, and even consumer products at a low-cost to any low earth orbit.

The goal is to launch and deploy distributed spacecraft missions (DSM) quickly and efficiently into space, and eventually make access to space simple and affordable for everyone.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Deimos-One is an American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company that designs and develops advanced multi-use rockets and tactical ground robotic systems. Its mission is to create affordable, reliable access to space and build a sustainable civilization for future generations.

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The goal of Mission 89P13 (The Vulcan Project) is to build a future where access to space is frequent, safe, reliable, and affordable for everyone. Vulcan 1 is one of the most cost-effective launchers in the world – designed to support a frequent, high-volume launch capacity, Vulcan offers greater flexibility to launch and deploy mission specific payloads into orbit at a low cost. 


We fly things to the edge of space: from testing LEO satellites, telescopes, antennas, and experiments, to advertising consumer products.


To put small satellites into orbit for scientific, security, commercial, or marketing purposes using the Vulcan launch vehicle.


Our efficient, reusable sounding rockets are used by governments, institutions, and companies to send payloads into space at a low cost.